Nursery & Pre-School

Nursery  is a place where 6 months to 4 year old children are loved and cared for.
Our nursery is open for all of our services; Sunday mornings, Sunday evenings, and special services.

Be assured your child will be loved on and ministered to by our caring staff in our nursery through bible reading, age appropriate crafts, snacks, bible songs sung to them, and of course playtime.


GloryKids class ages 5 – 10 is designed to help your Child to begin digging deeper into God’s word, finding out who God has called them to be, and learning all about what He has for them. GloryKids meet every Sunday morning.

Our teachers use many creative ideas to capture our children’s attention and impart the truth of God’s Word to them. We use multimedia, visual graphics, super book story episodes, puppets, skits, icebreakers, hands on and object lessons that will inspire and encourage them to go deeper with Jesus.